Talk about a rough …. well… I’d say two weeks or so and be accurate, but really it goes back to the end of August (at least for me, E’s only had it super rough the last two weeks though I’m sure me being so sick for six weeks hasn’t been easy) and that’s way too long. At least there have been good times mixed in with all of it! 🙂

However, the flu has officially hit us. I’ve been coughing and having respiratory stuff for about two weeks now. It hasn’t been pleasant, but it hasn’t been horrible either. Now E has a fever, has been dealing with nausea, and has all around not been feeling well. I have been running a higher temp than normal, though it’s not technically a fever (though since I run cooler than “normal” I am calling it a fever), I’ve had an even worse headache, not all of which has been hormone related, and I’ve been even more exhausted. Also I’m coughing and sneezing more, and just not feeling well in the respiratory sense. 😦

We don’t know who brought it home, though as a friend said when I was talking to her about it, it’s not like it matters. Either E caught it at work, one of us caught it at one of the doctor’s offices, or one of us caught it during an ER visit. The last two or three weeks there have been a lot of doctor’s visits (one for him, 3 or 4 for me counting times I’ve attempted lab work at our PCPs’ office) and two ER visits (both for me) … plus E’s work exposes him to lots of germs… so lots of ways this could have snuck into our home. 😦 Either way it’s not exactly pleasant. 😦

Edit: So this morning (Sunday 10/18/09) we took E’s temperature and it was up at 102.5…. and he didn’t even put the thermometer in his mouth as soon as it was on, or close his mouth entirely… so I suspect it’s higher than that. I think I’m running another low grade fever, but haven’t taken my temp…. we’re both keeping fluids in us and having soup for our main food right now.