So that post about yesterday (doc appt/ER visit) is coming, it’s actually a draft sitting waiting for me to finish it…. and I WILL finish it lol! I’m adamant on that. But I thought this was important to get out.
One – I’m taking some time for myself tonight, I’m currently listening to music and getting ready to cook spaghetti, which is a comfort food and something I’m pretty awesome at making. I’m hoping that once we get our food stamps we’ll be able to get everything I need to make my own sauce!
Two – We’re doing more testing on me on Tuesday. What all is being run will be decided when I get to my PCP’s office, but there will be testing done … provided we can get through the layers of bruising and pain all over my arms from lots of blood draws and attempted blood draws the last couple weeks, and IVs yesterday. (It took three tries for that stupid IV)
Three – Whether I get it through the clinic that my PCP works out of or through Walmart (who provides free counseling over the phone for employees and their families) I will be getting some counseling… my health stuff has been extremely overwhelming lately, especially with the weight issues and not knowing what’s wrong with me *this time*…. 😦 On top of that I’ve had two miscarriages in about 4 months… two pregnancies within 5 months… so mentally although I’m not necessarily in a bad place yet, I’m not well. I want to keep from getting to a bad place. My doctor and the paramedic/nurse who usually takes care of E and I pre appts (taking vitals, etc.) have both been trying to get me to consider some counseling since the first miscarriage. I have been considering it since early Sept when it became obvious the weight and digestive issues were chronic and not just a bug. This second miscarriage has made up my mind for me. I will be getting counseling one way or another… I just need E to bring home the information for Walmart’s program for me. I don’t want to get to the point where I’m forced to get help, I’d rather make the decision on my own, and get the help now so I can start coping better.
Four – We didn’t get the disability aid (E makes too much, which is fine with me, at least we aren’t making as little as we’d need to be to get that aid) but we will be getting food stamps… especially since I’m supposed to get them since I’m going for disability. This will be a HUGE help! 🙂