I’m trying to figure out a timeline, mostly so I can figure out how far along I was….

My previous period started 9/5/09 and I started bleeding (rather than just lightly spotting) on 10/12/09… so I was on day 38 of the last cycle when it switched to being day 1 for this one. I assume that the miscarriage happened either before the spotting, or when the spotting began (two days before the full on bleeding, which then included more than just blood an hour or two later)… so I was around 5 weeks when I miscarried? I’m not quite sure how all of it works, or even if I should be expecting more than just the clump of tissue from Monday.

I’m having a lot more pain this time around, much stronger cramps … or more than cramps? However, I’m not bleeding like I should be, so I suspect a trip to the doctor or ER is in order…… I bled really heavy for around 12 hours, starting a bit before the tissue made it’s appearance, and ending that night… since then it’s just been some spotting again… I haven’t even had what would pass for my normal period… so I’m concerned… and will be calling my doctor again at the very least. However, I won’t be able to do this until after the food stamp appt because of the hours the clinic is open. So we’ll see what happens, I will definitely update when I have any new info, or when anything changes… but thoughts are definitely appreciated!