I’m tired of whining, but I am just not having a good time right now!!
Everything over the last week and a half or so, then fevers yesterday and today, and my period started this morning (about 10 or 15 days late)… no, wait…. not my period, just spotting followed by horrible cramping this afternoon that I hope means the period is on it’s way! I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping again the last 2 or 3 days.
Today has been spent in the doldrums! And yes, that’s a real place, just read The Phantom Tollbooth!! I adore that book.
Trying to find some positives because I’m sick of whining… ummm…. we made some awesome food yesterday! Chicken and rice in cream of mushroom soup. It turned out to be our best batch yet, and it’s already almost gone.
Homemade hot chocolate! A couple of weeks ago I wanted some hot chocolate and we decided to get cocoa powder rather than premade mix packets… then I was looking at our powdered milk bag and found a recipe for making home made mix. That will be posted soon, as I want to share!
Actually feeling useful around the house. Since the kids left I’ve been ill enough that I’ve done a load of dishes here, or a load of laundry there, but I’ve spent A LOT of time sick and/or sleeping. Today I unloaded and reloaded the dishes, and washed and dried 3 loads of laundry. I also got some of my table/desk cleaned up.
I think I’ll end there before I start whining again. So there you go… it’s been a rough time, but I’m still finding some sort of positive in it (and hoping it’s over soon)!!

Edit: If you want to know more about the last week or so I have a three posts up about it. One from Wednesday morning, one from Wednesday afternoon, and one from Thursday afternoon. … When I say it’s not been an easy week or 10 days I mean it… and not just on a health standpoint (actually I think they only really touch on health stuff…).