So, unsurprisingly, we didn’t get the rent or electric bill assistance we asked for which was mentioned in this post. We’re going to be making it to next pay day (which is after the electricity is due to be shut off if we don’t make a payment) by hopefully receiving help from some family members to at least get the money we are short for the bills (though we’ll be close to nothing in the checking account after that, at least we’ll have heat and a home) and we have the food stamp and needy disabled interview next week…. need to get a print out of my account statement (I’ll probably do that just the day ahead of time) and take the check book with if the checks for those things haven’t cleared yet, so they can see what is in our account and hopefully expedite us with the food stamps.
The reason we didn’t get the assistance wasn’t because any of the people on the board are cold and heartless, it was (as we already knew) because we used their services about 6 months ago, and the grants only are usable every 12 months. However we were hoping that one of the groups on the board (Salvation Army, some local businesses and churches, and some state organizations) would have some way to help us. The good news is the Salvation Army and one of the churches have offered to help with food and/or clothing if the need arises, but there is no money anywhere to help. Donations are down due to the economic situation in the US (and elsewhere) so the only aid available is that stuff (which is a great help, but not going to help with our bills) which we will probably take advantage of, though we shall see.
And I think I will go take a hot bath now to try and relax and pamper myself a bit. Probably will take the book I’m currently reading The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks in with me and read while soaking! 🙂