So Friday our internet was cut off until Monday, which made it really rough for all the people who keep an eye on me online and were very worried that I wasn’t replying to them on any sites or answering any messages from them.

On top of that I was in ER early Monday morning. I had to call E home from work before his lunch to take me because I went from tingly lips to a numb tongue, which was quickly followed by numbness in my left hand and foot. We wanted to make sure it wasn’t a stroke or TIA. It wasn’t, and all the blood work she could get done quickly was fine, so we aren’t sure what happened. My rheumatologist isn’t worried about doing more testing at this point, though that may come up at my next appt … We’re probably going to have a big set of testing coming up for me.

The rest of Monday was spent with phone calls followed by sleep.

Tuesday was spent with more phone calls, as well as an appt to hopefully get some rent assistance and our electric bill paid, because otherwise who knows how we’re paying out bills. I’ve had more doctors appts and visits this month than I have since last year, and I have a bunch of testing to do again. We also dropped off the application for food stamps and state aid while waiting for disability, as there is some sort of program for the needy disabled in our state to help with financial things while waiting to get on disability (which reminds me, we are looking at moving to a state closer to the kids and my family next spring, I need to check into what is transferrable and what is also available in that state that we need to apply for when we are moving). The appt for that is next Wednesday.

Today (Wednesday) is being spent driving to and from our primary doctors’ office and E has an appt with his PCP. I will be getting my lab tests done while we are up there. I also have been having to fast for these tests…. so I’m hungry and tired and just not feeling well due to all of that. 😦 I need to get a shower sometime in the next hour or so because I’m feeling really gross and don’t want to go to the doc’s office, but I’m not sure how I’m getting the energy to do that and the stuff that needs to be done today, plus I’m likely to be the one driving (I generally drive to these appts) and I’m going to have to take care of the prescriptions afterwards.