I do not enjoy the drive to and from my rheumatologist’s office… it’s long, pretty, but very long and expensive, plus hard on our car. However, tomorrow is an appointment that due to lots of things has been put off a couple of times, I was supposed to see her in early July and that never happened, then in late July, which never happened, and finally tomorrow!
I need to see her about several things, including these headaches and my digestive issues. Also to see if we need to adjust meds, and what we are going to do about my weight. I’d rather not end up dropping more weight and ending up hospitalized… I’d like to stop all of this before it gets even worse. So hopefully she’ll have some ideas, or tell me it’s not lupus related and send me to my PCP… though I know the headaches are lupus related, I’m not sure that anything else is. Also she’ll get to see me either on my period (if it starts soon… day 24 right now… and although I’m in the middle of where it could start, I’m shocked it hasn’t started… my emotions took a definite turn today though, maybe we’ll actually see it soon) or right before it… which are two really bad times for me on so many levels. 😦
So wish me luck for tomorrow, hopefully I get some answers or get pointed in the direction of answers. I’m also hoping to get the disability paperwork printed up so we can get that ball rolling, but at the very least I want to talk to her about it, and I can send it up to her later… though I’d really rather have it in hand when we see her tomorrow.