Supervised showers. 😦

We no longer trust me showering alone. I should say we no longer trust my legs or balance. We are discussing getting a shower chair for me, as it’s now too late to get a plastic patio chair for this year…. and a shower chair would be more comfortable anyway.

E has the fun of either getting in the shower with me, or sitting on the toilet (only seat in the bathroom lol) and keeping an eye out for trouble so he can swing open the door and catch me.

What started this was an incident earlier this week… let me think… Monday? Sunday or Monday I believe. Monday (I just looked up my conversation archive with Sonja, because I mentioned the incident to her) I almost fell while showering, I slipped in the shower and lost my balance… thankfully we have showerbars in our shower since the owner of the house before our landlady bought it was elderly and had redone the bathroom (bigger shower, safety bars, better flooring) and the landlady left it like that! We also have a hand held shower head… which between the size of the shower and the shower head, it’s perfect for a shower chair (guessing that’s part of the reason for the remodel) so that should work out! Due to that incident E and I are uncomfortable with me showering without help. When I slipped, if I hadn’t caught myself I likely would have broken a leg due to the angle I fell at, and also have gone through the shower door… so I was picturing myself having to go to ER in E’s robe or a towel…. I hadn’t even realized the shower door part yet…. just the broken leg (femur) which was scary enough! And my legs are worse the last couple of days, since my good days ended, than they were before that happened. I’m also having some cognitive issues, balance issues, and headaches even with my meds. (The lupus like headaches!)

So that’s what’s new with me as far as excitement goes….. not so fun… but hey, if it helps I’ll take it.. the shower chair… not all the issues I’m having lol!