I wish I could find a way to share yesterday and today with you… in more than just words: the smells, the tastes, the feelings.

Today has been nice – we were able to get a very cheap pizza (thank you coupons!), we laid in bed and cuddled and watched stuff, and it’s now cool and breezy outside, so I’ve got a window open, though that won’t last much longer as the sun is going down. We’ve got a chill in the air even though it’s close to 70 degrees outside… the weather is changing around, and it’s a brisk fall feeling 70 rather than the hot 70 we have during the morning during summer. I think the wind probably has something to do with that too. It’s been a cloudless day pretty much all day, other than some white puffy clouds that have floated over head a couple at a time spread throughout the day.

The one not so nice thing – my lupus has been a bit worse again today, as has my endo. However, in spite of those things I’ve been able to more or less enjoy today.