So… I seem to “nest” before my periods lol!
I’ve noticed this since going off of the birth control last October… the couple days before my period (or sometimes the day of) I get hit with this need to cook and clean.. no matter how much pain I’m in. I can be at an 8 on the pain scale and still be forcing myself to clean because I just can’t not do it. It’s frustrating and nice at the same time!
An example of this is today. I cooked mac and cheese for us this morning, and hotdogs for E. This evening when I was chased out of bed by pain and the wind making our house creak I cleaned for 45 minutes. Well… when I say I cleaned for 45 minutes I need to clarify. I did cleaning for most of that time, but I did take a break to try to call the kids, and I did sit every few minutes and chat… but in that 45 minutes I got a load of laundry in the washing machine, another one ready to go, trash picked up, our tables straightened up a bit, all the trash taken out to the dumpster, the front room cleaned up basically as much as possible right now (need to go through the pile of blankets and jackets on the couch still), the dishes done other than a few that I need to wash by hand, and the counters wiped down.
In the past I’ve been hit with the need to bake cakes or do other things like that lol.
Oh and also today I cleaned M’s box… like actually cleaned it. We use big garbage bags as liners, that way we don’t have to buy liners, we can just use our trash bags, and that way it’s safer and easier for me to clean it. I needed to clean it yesterday, but forgot once it was warm enough to take the litter out after emptying it. So M had the bag/liner all scrunched up on top of itself. At one point (after scrunching it) he apparently had to urinate, because as I went to pull it out of the litter box I noticed the box was wet. My first thought was the same as E’s when I asked him to come grab another bag for me to put the one that had been in the box into. We both thought he had ripped through the bag at some point… though why litter hadn’t come out was a question that hadn’t crossed my mind yet, and E hadn’t seen what was going on yet when he asked. So since there was urine in the bottom of it, and it had leaked elsewhere when I pulled out the bag I decided it was time to clean the box…. We keep it clean so it doesn’t stink as bad (which is part of the reason for the bag actually… nothing gets stuck to the bottom of the box now..) I took it to our shower, which has a handheld shower head, and sprayed it all down inside and out and let it sit in there for a couple hours to dry. Now M has a nice clean box, although he doesn’t realize the box itself is clean, just that there is a clean bag and clean litter LOL!
I can’t believe I do this kind of thing every month right before my period. Or I should say every cycle to be more accurate. And it is just so odd to me. But hey, I won’t complain about actually getting things done before I’m forced onto bedrest (or couch rest, or sitting at my computer trying to distract myself)… at least I’m getting things accomplished that won’t be done for at least a few days after that.