Coffeesister’s awesome husband has an incredible post up about his wife and dealing with her health issues (among other things)!
I was linked to it yesterday and read it and felt so many emotions. I then proceeded to read it to E, who nodded the whole way through and understood so much of what he was saying, since it’s how he feels and overall how he deals with it as well…. (the frustrations with people’s suggestions, the frustrations of healthcare or the lack of, the watching me and knowing how difficult it is for me)… so, if you have ever wondered how E feels, what he thinks or how he deals… this isn’t written by him, this isn’t exactly how he’d write a similar post, but it will give you an understanding of how it all looks to him. It will also give you an understanding for at least some of the spouses out there of us spoonies! I won’t lump all spouses together, and not all situations are like this (healthcare, etc.) but this is how the spouses I’ve spoken with feel about all of it.