So I know what’s going on with the vomiting. Well, at least I’m seeing a pattern.

The first time I got sick (last weekend… Saturday or Sunday, I can’t remember which) it happened long enough after eating that it was just bile… and I can’t remember for sure what I ate, but unless I’m way off it was hot dogs with ketchup, no bread – just cut up hot dogs with ketchup. The next time was early Tuesday morning (9/1), I ate cold hot dogs (nothing with them, no ketchup or anything) and was sick a couple hours later. The next time I was sick was Thursday night – we’d had meat loaf earlier in the day and it ended up coming back up a few hours later. Then I was sick again this morning. At E’s lunch time this morning I had meatloaf with ketchup on it…. and nothing else. And if I have something else with the meat I don’t end up sick. I don’t know if it’s protein or grease, but one of the two with nothing to cut it causes me to be sick. Yesterday afternoon I had a thin piece of meatloaf with a small amount of sweet corn with each bite and only ended up nauseated, no vomiting at all.

On top of all of that, I started my period while I was sick this morning. And it’s not looking like a spotty start at all, it’s just going …..
I’m not liking this day at all… 😦

So I’m really not feeling well today at all…. 😦