I’m heading into the most difficult time of the month for me, and it doesn’t help that we’re also in a storm season, and we’ve been having long storms lately. 😦
I’m within 10 days (probably less than a week now) of my period, which means constant endo pain…. I’m also (between storms and hormones, as well as not sleeping as deeply as usual since Duckling always sleeps with me) having a really rough lupus time right now.
The kids will be with their grandparents starting tomorrow morning, they’ll be there until they come home on Sunday morning (so around 24 hours), when their grandparents and aunts will be coming over with a birthday cake for Gamer (his bday is in the next few days, so we are celebrating Sunday morning so we can all be here!)! 😀 😀 😀
I get a break, I plan to spend it in bed resting as much as I can. The only other thing I plan to do is play games on my computer or watch movies I can’t watch with the kids here (due to language or humor or whatever other adult concepts)…. it’s just going to be a relaxing grown up day lol!