So, our phones were down for awhile, we now have a different phone… and I called the kids yesterday and talked to them and their mom. I had been told a few days ago that Duckling was starting to call me her “Other Mommy” and thought it was adorable and it gave me hope eventually they’d start calling me Mommy as well. Yesterday while on the phone they both called me mommy at different times, and told me that they love me – the second part has been happening the last month or so. When the phones were down we were emailing back and forth and they were making sure to tell me they love me. Yesterday Gamer accidentally called me Mommy, followed by an apology, at which point I tried to explain it was fine to call me mommy, but he raised into a list of reasons they should be allowed to call me mommy… including that I’m married to their Daddy, I might as well be their Mommy, and I am, in fact, their Other Mommy! There were other reasons as well, but I can’t remember what they were.
It was so sweet, and more than made up for everything else that happened yesterday, which I’m not going into.
They will be here Saturday, and probably be staying until the beginning of September! ๐Ÿ™‚