I’m adding another topic to my blog, though I don’t know how often I’ll bring it (of my stepson) up. I’m going to refer to my stepson as DS and my stepdaughter as DD, just so everyone knows who I mean when I say that – not sure how to shorten their names yet….. so that’ll be their reference until I come up with something else. I’d really like to find something a bit more personal for them…. I probably will while they are staying with us this summer.

Their mother emailed me a couple months ago now and let me know that DS has Asperger’s Syndrome which is on the Autistic spectrum and ADHD. I’m not sure when he was diagnosed, but I know it causes some definite issues at home (though he’s been much better since going on summer break) and he is in special education part of the time for classes. He is incredibly smart and high functioning, but he has behavioral issues, some hyperactivity and some things he is neurotic over.

As I use this blog to raise awareness of my illnesses, and show how they affect me day to day (when I’m able to post) I thought that I’d post from time to time about DS and the things he is dealing with in an effort to raise some awareness about them as well! I suspect that there will be more posts either while they are staying with us or as soon as I feel able to post after they are home – I will be driving them home with either my sister in law or mother in law – and it’s 1k miles (or so) each way… so I’m going to need to recover from the roadtrip before I post again lol! I just wanted to make my readers aware that those topics were being added.
I will also be posting about being a fulltime mother with these illnesses – as for about 3 weeks that’s what I will be. E works nights, so other than the times where my inlaws have them (E has a dr’s appt during their visit and I know my inlaws will be taking them bday shopping at some point) and E’s days off I’ll be full time mother to them.

Edit: Worked out some nicknames for them – from now on DS is Gamer and DD is Duckling … just so everyone knows!