I’m doing better than I was with my last update… my emotions have settled a lot though they still bubble up at unexpected times.

Let’s see.. .what’s new…

As I said the emotions are much better. I knew I had miscarried, but I did another pregnancy test early last week just to verify no pregnancy hormones remained, and it was negative.

My birthday was a few days ago, and it was wonderful. E had 4 nights off with me before he had to return to work.

The friend I posted a protected post about (which has since gone private) and I have been trying to work things out… hopefully they continue to work out. I have very mixed feelings on this topic…

Things have worked out with my husband’s family, and it looks like we will have my step kids from the end of July to the middle of August… please pray or send positive thoughts that this works out!

I have found several old friends and some family on one of the many social sites out there – am having a blast catching up with people!

Once I take my step kids back home in August I will be looking for another job if I am not back at walmart, it’s getting ridiculous – I’ve been out since Nov 2008, and the ADA board has had my paperwork since March – they are only supposed to take a couple weeks!