Got the cyst resolved – planned to update on that, got stuff (hopefully?) accomplished towards me going back to work – an update that will be password protected when I get back to my full self again (or possibly sooner, the majority is already written anyway) – and I go into a lupus flare as I was planning to update on my life recently – because as much as it’s not fun, my wrist really isn’t enough to keep me down, especially since it is finally almost healed.
Then, tonight when I wake up with E, and move to roll over, I realize moving really really sucks. All of my joints (Seriously, ALL of them) are inflamed and hurting, and my ribs are bugging me. I sent myself into a lupus flare! If I’d been paying attention I probably could have kept it to a lesser degree – but I just thought my elbow was sore and hot from resting it on the armrest of my chair too much, and that the knee bugging me was from too many NSAIDS the last 3 weeks, even though Alleve doesn’t do that to me, and if it suddenly did start to it wouldn’t take 3 weeks to start! So those have been added to my pre-flare list! What’s my pre-flare list you ask? Too long to add to this post right now lol! I’ll post it later. It’s all the different signs I may develop before a flare.
Luckily, I have the purrinator 5000, aka M, who can have his front paws at my collar bones and cover my whole abdomen with purr power lol! Seriously, right before I got up to type this, his front paws (well, toes actually) were resting on my collar bones, and his tail reached down to my knees lol!
Anyway, back to the futon for more time with my friends the Mythbusters!!!