So – my right arm is now in a brace. And I’m typing this two handed actually, but it’s like 1 1/2 handed really – because I can’t use my right thumb, and I’m having pain using my right pinky… so it’s better if I hen peck with my right pointer finger and type regularly with my left hand. Please excuse any typos, etc…. as I am not typing my normal way. In 2004 I was diagnosed with De Quervains Tenosynovitis which – to my understanding is basically specific tendonitis. I have it in my right hand…. though it rarely affects me…. and I could get it diagnosed in my left as well, though I barely fit the diagnosis there, and I’ve never had it truly flare up… so, I am not too worried about it. I had actually forgotten all about that diagnosis, and when my wrist has bugged me in the past year or so I blamed it on the lupus, since I knew it was coming, and then was diagnosed with it. Looking back – I think I have *almost* fit diagnostic criteria for the past 6 or 7 years for lupus, it’s just never been to the extreme it reached when I was diagnosed. A couple days ago (well I guess over a week ago now, last… Tuesday or Wednesday) my wrist started swelling just past the joint, and I developed a lump. I was having some pain, so I iced it, took some alleve, and wrapped it for a bit. As it wasn’t getting better I started remember the last time I felt this pain, and this badly – it was in 2004. I quickly put the pieces together and looked up the De Quervain’s and realized it was that flaring again… so I started trying to not use that hand at all (really tough when you are right handed and its your right hand that hurts).. and icing it, taking NSAIDs and trying to do home care. Tuesday when I picked my sister in law up from work I was hurting so bad I couldn’t even use that hand to drive. Yesterday morning I went and bought the wrist brace that is now living on my arm lol! My good brace, which was provided by the doctor who diagnosed me, is in a box in storage, and my storage is currently VERY unavailable to me – like 1k miles or so away. So I purchased this one that is… acceptable. It’ll work for now, though the other offers much better support, and since it’s made for right hands specifically (this one is ambidextrous) it doesn’t hurt my hand, like the one I have now does. But this one will work, and hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon!
If you don’t hear from me for awhile – that’s why!