I’m not going into the hows and whys and all that here, you want to know email me and we’ll talk…..
My sister in law (nb) moved in with us today. It may just be a couple days while the situation calms down that ended up putting her in with us, or it may be a permanent thing. I’m hoping for the second option – well… longterm, not permanent, she’ll be getting a place of her own in a couple years I’m sure. But for now, she’ll be living with us I hope. She’s a great girl, and she has a lot of potential. She’s working at a local nursing home in the dietary stuff, and she will be going to school to become a CNA starting with the fall semester! 🙂 I really hope this all works out.
We’ve lived together before, so we know it’ll work out just fine to live together. I’m saddened by the circumstances that led to this, though they aren’t unexpected, and happy to have her here!