Sonja awarded me with the Lovely Blog Award.
one lovely blog award
Sonja thanks so much for the award! As I said in my comment, I can’t express my gratitude!
If I could pass it back to you I would. You are so open with your blog, and I appreciate you so much. I also enjoy your posts about Alex, and enjoy the comments you leave for me. I’m glad you are in my life.

Now I pass it on to:

1) Foxy of Foxy in the Waiting Room Foxy posts about her struggles with her health, and passes information about her health issues on, as well as sharing things from her day to day life with anyone who reads. Her husband, Helios, also comments on her blog, and it’s fun seeing them talk back and forth on her blog.

2) Jeanne of Jeanne’s endo blog as Jeanne tirelessly gets information about multiple autoimmune issues out to the public, as well as having started a petition to create endo awareness and understanding. Also for her wonderful Mothers Day post.

You both have lovely blogs! πŸ™‚

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