There is a lot going on in my life right now, and coming up.
E’s hip is slowly bugging him more and more. We’ve both had missteps involving the steps on our front porch in the last 4 days.
My birthday is coming up and E has it off, so he has a three day weekend that weekend. I don’t know what we will do, but I know it will be awesome, just like the last two birthdays (which have been celebrated with him, even before we were together) have been!
My step kids (who, other than while they are here for their visit will rarely make appearances in this blog for a multitude of reasons) will be here to see us in July… I will get to be “mom” for most of that time due to my inlaws and husband all working. I will also be the one going to their home state to pick them up by train, and I get to see some of my family during the trip! My sisters in law both work day shift at a nursing home doing different jobs, one part time, one full time. My mother in law works … I believe she changed shifts to the 2p to 10p shift … at the same nursing home, full time. My father in law and E both work graveyard shift at Walmart. Whenever my inlaws have days off the kids will be with them, whenever they are working I will be mom, and be the one taking care of them. Part of the plan is to take them swimming, and to our local parks. Probably to the library (should probably pay my fines so they can check some books out on my card) …. I’ve also asked for them to bring games and books and indoor activities, as I know that there are going to be days where I’m going to be on the couch with them all day instead.
In early 2010 there are super secret plans happening, and they will be incredible for the people involved! I wish I could say more, but there is some surprise involved for someone in there… who may or may not read my blog, so I won’t be mentioning it here until after the surprising is done. It will be awesome fun, and we can’t wait!
I’ve had some bad pain days the last couple days, I was up all day Friday (after waking up at my normal time – so I was awake 6 hours longer than normal) doing the planning and working out everything that can be worked out at this point for the kids coming to stay with all of us. Saturday I still got up my normal time, and though E and I originally went to bed at a more normal time, my stomach was very upset, and he got hungry before managing to fall asleep, so we ended up out of bed again. I think I still was in bed for something like 13 hours before he woke me up when he got home for lunch – but I had several weird dreams and a nightmare…. so it wasn’t restful sleep.
When he clocks out in the morning it’s the start of E’s weekend… hopefully that means lots of relaxation and sleep for both of us!