I had an appointment with the rheumatologist yesterday, and found out some of the labwork results (I just had it done two weeks ago, and due to how the hospital handles labs, not all of them were in yet) – I do not have the SSA or SSB antibodies – so I don’t have the antibodies that are likely to cause miscarriages or neonatal lupus. My smith antibodies (I’m guessing that was the sm bloodtest) were very high – I think it was 600 and something. She said everything she has received so far just confirms the diagnosis, my antibodies paint a perfect picture of lupus. My echocardiogram results came back perfectly normal, they aren’t quite sure what is causing my heart to race. My blood pressure was down to 120/80, it had been 140/100 (and higher) when I was having all the doctors appointments and hospital visits. I am now on baby aspirin daily to help protect my heart and to work on the platelets. I think that was everything.
I have also been prescribed Tramadol to help with the pain when I’m in my flares, and I have valium to help with my leg cramps (apparently she has success using it as a muscle relaxant), as well as the flexiril I have, so that I can try to rotate between them and get my legs to let me sleep.
I also gained back almost all of my weight in the last month – I’m back up to 109, and I was 111 when I was seen by them in December.