I’m now having my periods every couple weeks again.  I hadn’t truly realized it completely until one of my friends whose cycle is close to mine said she’ll be having  hers again next week.  She usually has hers the week before I have mine.  So in April she had hers at the beginning, then I spotted the 9th, bled the 10th and spotted from the 11th through the 14th.  I started spotting again the 29th and am now on my period as of the (early) morning of the 30th.  so… 18days from the start of spotting last time to the start of spotting this time.  I hope I don’t get back to where I was at 15.  What ended up getting me on birth control the first time (when I was 15) was me bleeding (and it was heavy, this is mostly just spotting at this point) for 6 to 8 days, stopping for the same amount of time and back on for 6 to 8 days.  It was a constant cycle like that.  I really hope I’m not heading back there.  If I am I’m going to say the same thing for a lap that my friend is saying for her hyst (she’s preparing for a hyst even though she knows it’s not a guaranteed cure for her endo, it’ll at least get her aedno out of her)… I’ll either make payments or do medical bankruptcy.  I don’t want to do any type of bankruptcy, but at that point I’m going to want a lap to get the endo out, and then look into treatments, whether it’s birth control or something else – I am not going through what I did at 15 again!