So I don’t even know what’s going on. As I have mentioned in a couple posts I am having back and side pain, it was just an ache in my back by my kidney, then it progressed to burning in my back and side. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned the weird smelling urine though. This started on Easter… and it’s only happened a few times where it’s smelled of something other than urine, though I’ve had strong smelling pee for most of the week. A few times now I’ve had it smell very strange though. Easter Sunday, before I went to my inlaws house (so before I had any foods out of the ordinary for me) my urine smelled like the glaze from a honey baked ham. Sorry to compare to food – its the only thing I can think to compare it to. Since then I’ve had it smell semi sweet a couple times. Earlier this evening, I went to the restroom, and it smelled like sweet potatoes with all the goodies (marshmallows and brown sugar)… just sickeningly sweet. I’m especially worried this time because I’ve downed a lot of water tonight, and peed a few times before that… my urine was actually almost clear the few times before that, then all of a sudden it was a bright yellow and smelled like that. I will be really glad to get that urinalysis run and get some answers! (I’d better get some answers)