So this conversation took place early yesterday morning, and I thought it had some very good questions and thoughts brought up. All tweets are between myself and @H2Ohexagon

Oh… and I don’t think family members of mine who are Christians are going to be the most happy to read some of it… but I’m posting it anyway, because the majority of it has less to do with religion, and all of it is interesting!

# 03:04 Do you believe that every single ice crystal is designed with a purpose? Is there a built in mechanism in water? Or innate spirit? (posted by @H2Ohexagon)
# 03:05 @H2Ohexagon That’s an excellent question. I wonder if it’s a combination of all three! #
# 03:25 @autoimmunelife Do you belive that we are also created/beeing created/are creating ourselves? How does it make you feel about lupus?
# 03:26 @H2Ohexagon That one is going to take some thought, and probably several twitters lol #
# 03:27 @H2Ohexagon Hmm…. I think Earth was created, but whatever entity it was then became uninvolved… I also think we become who we are #
# 03:27 @H2Ohexagon Through a means of self creation… if that makes sense… like physically we were created, but after that we become who we are #
# 03:28 @H2Ohexagon Through our actions and choices, and the actions and choices of others that affect us…. so in that way we create ourselves #
# 03:28 @autoimmunelife Do you think we can heal ourselves from lupus? I have meet a few who believe this. I don’t know if my faith is that strong!
# 03:28 @H2Ohexagon as far as the lupus…. I’m really not sure at all how it relates to the rest of that…. it’s something I havent thought about #
# 03:29 @H2Ohexagon I just know I’m angry and upset about the lupus, even as I accept that I have it, I don’t accept it… not sure how to explain.. #
# 03:29 @H2Ohexagon I think that there are actions we can take that can help heal us from lupus… but having so many AI diseases, I’m not sure… #
# 03:30 @H2Ohexagon how we would go about actually healing ourselves with these illnesses. it’s our bodies rebelling against us. fighting themselves #
# 03:31 @autoimmunelife Yes, I know. They say we go through stages of sorrow, over and over again. It’s impossible to accept, on some levels.
# 03:32 @H2Ohexagon Yes…. And my lupus diagnosis was less than six months ago… so I’m still having all sorts of emotions #
# 03:33 @H2Ohexagon My endo I do a lot better with, though it’s getting so much worse that I’m yet again going through a grieving process #
# 03:34 @autoimmunelife I was born with it, as we (lupies) all are, it is a part of who I am like my eye colour But it’s my own body killing itself!
# 03:36 @H2Ohexagon That’s an excellent way to put it!! It’s just hard to accept that my body is killing itself… I was born with endo too… #
# 03:36 @H2Ohexagon But didn’t have issues til I was 14 (period start) and wasn’t diagnosed til 20, Lupus started getting severe last year… #
# 03:36 @autoimmunelife Those who say we can heal ourselves, say that the most important thing is to clear ourelves from fear and bitterness. 😦
# 03:37 @H2Ohexagon It hadn’t ever interfered with my life before, and I didn’t have enough symptoms for a dx. #
# 03:37 @H2Ohexagon Not sure I can disagree with them there… bitterness, fear, anger… they all seem to be poisons… #
# 03:37 @autoimmunelife But I’m angry and upset like you are, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to take the meds, I don’t want to stay in the shade.
# 03:39 @H2Ohexagon I’m sick of my finger joints swelling, I’m sick of having difficulty walking, I’m sick of wondering if my high bp is lupus #
# 03:39 @H2Ohexagon And I’m sick of meds that only help certain issues (I can go in the sun if I take my Plaquenil, and my mouth sores are gone) #
# 03:39 @H2Ohexagon I was told that the Plaq would be a big help since I have “minor” lupus (no organ involvement) but it hasn’t helped the things #
# 03:40 @H2Ohexagon that are the hardest for me to deal with. I sunburn easy, so the photosensitivity isn’t quite as much of a deal for me #
# 03:41 @H2Ohexagon Having to have my husband help me dress, tie my shoes, brush my hair or give me a shower though…. that upsets me! #
# 03:44 @autoimmunelife It upsets me too, to hurt the nes around me. My sister worries that her children might have it too and she gets afraid, sad.
# 03:45 @H2Ohexagon I feel for your sister – one of my biggest fears if I can become a mom is passing it on! #
# 03:46 @H2Ohexagon But it’s hard because you don’t want to weigh them down, even though you want to be honest #
# 03:46 @H2Ohexagon that’s my experience at least #
# 03:47 @autoimmunelife I would hate to to pass it on to children. What shall we do, screen the babies and have abortions if they are girls? Horrid!
# 03:51 @H2Ohexagon But even boys can get it… and then there are the other complications that can happen (neonatal lupus)… #
# 03:51 @H2Ohexagon And I know for fact that my endometriosis is genetic… so I fear passing that on to a girl #
(at this point she announced that she was taking off for awhile… though the tweet is missing for some reason…)
# 03:51 @H2Ohexagon Take care, have fun, thanks for the interesting conversation, and letting me whine/vent a bit #