So Foxy tagged me to share 6 things that make me smile….

1) E – He can almost always succeed at making my smile, even when I’m annoyed with him. E is an incredible (though far from perfect) man, I wish I knew how to express the feelings I have for him.  He knows how to make me laugh through my tears, my pain, my annoyance… I just hope I’m even half as good at doing so for him as he is for me.  We’ve had some pretty good jokes over the last few years since we met.  One story I must share…. on his last weekend (Monday and Tuesday last week) we were watching a movie and it was set back in … I think it was the 50’s… though I could be wrong.  Anyway, there was one point where this male singer got on stage, and the women in the room did that whole sigh thing that women supposedly do when someone famous who they are attracted to comes into view…. well a minute or so later I exaggerated their sigh so much it got E laughing really hard.  We went back and forth through the movie (a couple times) doing stuff to make each other laugh while watching it, because some things it was just like… who actually does this stuff?  It was very nice to be laughing.

2) M – my cat can be a real pain at times, he’s very mischievous at times, but he knows when I’m hurting or upset and he will come over and start cuddling me and licking me and such.  When I’m at my computer he’ll come sit on my lap and (although it can be irritating if I’m trying to do something “important” he’ll get between my keyboard and I, or my mouse and I, and just demand attention.  One of my favorite things though, is how he’ll lay on my chest when I’m on my back… he covers me… he’s a big cat and I’m not a big … woman (am I really a woman?  I feel like a little girl too often, and not in a good way), so it’s like having a warm, fuzzy blanket on my chest.  He’ll lay there and push his head into my hands, and start licking my chin or whatever he can reach to show me he loves me too (or give me a bath – not sure which) 😛

3) Talking to and having a relationship with my mom.  We still don’t have a great relationship, but we actually talk anywhere between every few days to once a week or so.  I enjoy getting to talk to her when I do. 

4) Family – even though I have done things that have hurt my family, and they have done things that have hurt me, and even though we don’t have the best communication at all times… my family makes me smile.  I have a photo directory on my computer that is only family members…. when I start feeling too down, or missing them too much (I’m in a completely different time zone from them, and at least a couple states from everyone who isn’t a great aunt or a second cousin or further removed) I look through that folder, and think about the good times.  And sometimes even the not so good times, because I feel so blessed to have been able to have the time with them in person that I have, and I feel so grateful that they are still involved in my life as much as they are (some are much more involved than others.) 

5) My little town… well…. little city?  It’s bigger than a town, but it’s not huge.  I complain at times, especially about the lack of opportunity for school or work… there is a school locally, but it’s a bit more of a distance than I desire to do in the snow, and not all of the classes I’d need for general ed are available… I’d have to go to the college it’s connected to (an hour away on a good weather and traffic day) to get the other classes… and with the snow that’s just not a possibility, even if we could afford the gas, tires and brakes (there are some decent sized grades to go up and down, and it’s a distance from us)…. so those are my frustrations here.  But I love it, I love that even though it’s not completely tiny, you can still get that tiny town feel.  Especially in the part of town we live in…. We’re not far from main street, and this part of main street still has a lot of old shops and such in it, and it’s just cozy feeling.  We even have an ice cream parlor just… well in normal city blocks it’s just like 3 blocks or so from us… though if you go by streets, and the blocks that we have… it’s 10 blocks up lol!  I just love it here, and I like getting to see the old places, and the way it’s mixed with new places.  I definitely like the older looking and feeling part though. 

6) My friends, both the old who have stuck with me on this journey called life, even through the painful turns (leaving my ex, the divorce, all my health issues, me moving out of state, etc), and my new ones both here in my town, and those who I have met online.  They are an incredible support system who I take some of for granted, and people who I have connected with in so many amazing ways.  I’m so grateful for them, I just hope they know it, because I’m not the best at showing it or telling them… especially those who I can only contact by phone. 

Oh… I almost forgot to tag some friends to do this. Lets see…. Sonja, Eve, and anyone else who would like to do this!