I sent this out as an email to my family, and since I’m still not back to typing very well (will explain later) I decided to just copy and paste it.

Hi Everyone,
I had an appointment with the rheumatologist today, and wanted to let you know how it went.
She looked over all the blood work, talked to me about my symptoms, and told me I definitely have lupus, though she needs some more lab work, so off to the lab again. My heart rate was fast when she was listening to it, and though she forgot to mention it during the appointment, her assistant called me a few hours later and told me they want to set up an EKG. So this will be EKG number 3 in 2 months. I go for that on the 29th. I am on blood pressure medication for my raynaud’s phenomenon, as it will help to keep the blood vessels in my fingers and toes from spasming, and help keep me from losing circulation to them and having all the pain and difficulty with my fingers and toes. While I was there she looked at the vessels in a couple of my fingers and said that they look good, so that is excellent news. I also am on Plaquenil, which is a common medicine used to treat lupus, it is also an antimalarial. It is supposed to help with the joint pain and the rashes I get. Those seem to be the only issues my lupus is causing, so this is excellent news! The lab work will be the last of the tests (at this point, they will continue to check them) to give an idea of how well my kidneys are working at this point, it will be blood work to show which of my antibodies are so high so that she can get a clue as to what my lupus may be likely to do, and it will be blood work to show if I have the antibodies that point to blood clots forming to easily, which will show if I will be able to go back on birth control for my endometriosis and other reasons or not. I think that’s everything that we were told today. We go back at the end of next month (a week after E’s birthday) to find out the lab results and for her to monitor how I am doing with the treatments she has me on, which will also probably include tweaking them and possibly adding more in if necessary.
Merry Christmas!!!