I’ve had people talking to me lately about two different things that *could* help with my endo… and sounding like it’s fact it will help me.

These things: getting a hysterectomy, or having an IUD (Interuterine device) put in. I’m against both of these ideas… and thought I should explain why.

First off, the hysterectomy. I know a few women this has worked for… however I do not want one at this point. One, it can be highly dangerous for someone my age to get a hysterectomy, because at this age I shouldn’t be without the hormones, and for it to work, I need to be off hormones for … I’ve heard 6 months as the most common amount of t ime… due to the fact endo has a definite hormone connection… that’s also why a full hysterectomy is much more likely to work than just removing the uterus. Two, I don’t know if I’d be allowed hormone replacement therapy due to my lupus… at this point I can’t take birth control either, due to concerns about stroke… I will be getting an answer on the birth control (hopefully) on the 23rd, when I meet with the rhuematologist. Three, my endometriosis is somewhere between stage one and stage two (there are 4 or according to some doctors 5 stages of endo, 1 being lowest, 4-5 being the worst) so it’s highly unlikely a doctor would give me a hysterectomy at age 23 with this stage of endo, especially with no biological children. It’s going to be a fight just to get the ovary that gives me problems taken out… and by the time I can even get another sugery done I’ll probably be 24 or 25. (this depends on if I can go back on birth control or not… if I can’t … we may have to find a way to get one done a lot sooner…) Four, I am not ready for all the changes that would happen with having a full hysterectomy, especially at such a young age. Five, a hysterectomy is not guaranteed to work (as explained in number 1, and at this link , the National Institutes of Health, and at the endometriosis.org treatment page as well as at their page about hysterectomies) and I know a few women, some online, and one in person, who have had to have more surgeries since their hysterectomy, than they had before, due to endo growths and/or adhesions (growths that – from what I understand – are caused, at least, in part by the surgeries). These adhesions can be just as bad, or worse, than the endo about making organs stick to each other. Six, if I can even stand a chance at getting pregnant, I would at least like to try, depending on what autoantibodies I have, if any, with the lupus that can affect pregnancy and/or the baby/child, and the adult they will become.

As for IUD’s… I have some links to provide for that as well. Though, as I’m starting to hurt, that will probably wait until tonight, or at least until I soak in the bathtub, take some pain pills, and am back at my computer with my heating pad.