So I get to go back to work on Wednesday, as a door greeter.  That will be my job title until either everything evens out (with medications) and I decide to go back to cashiering, or I can stay as a door greeter for the rest of my time at this job.  We’ll see what happens.  Things went exactly how I had hoped (it helps that the mother in law of the manager I spoke with has lupus, so she knows just how ugly it can be), I will be working two nights a week for now (the other door greeter’s nights off), I will be working on getting my disability papers done so I can have a stool or chair to sit on or in, I will be a door greeter, and I will eventually be able to add more nights if I feel my body can handle it.  I lose a bit of my hourly wage with this decision, but the way we are both looking at it (E and I) is that this 5 weeks (well it’ll be that by the time I go back) I have made no money whatsoever, but when I go back, even at reduced hours and wages, I will actually be bringing in some income.

There are a few reasons for the reduced hours.  One, it makes it a lot easier to see how my body is going to handle me going back to work.  Two, it gives my body a chance to get back in the habit of being awake for several hours straight for the  two nights I’m working.  Three, it keeps the environmental factors with my lupus (the lighting especially) from being able to affect me for too long.   And four, it means I have a chance to rest after my nights off and actually be ready and able to go back to work the following week.

I can’t express how much I am looking forward to going back to working.  At this point I don’t know if I’ll ever be full time again, that’ll depend a lot on the meds and how well I respond to them.  I know I don’t plan to work full time where I am ever again… I’d like to find another job, that is more suited to what my body can handle, and maybe then, if I am physically capable, I will go back to full time.  Currently, I’m just looking forward to getting out of the house again, for more than just small errands.  I’m looking forward to having some interaction with people again, plus with the nights I’m working, I’m not there for the worst of the busy nights, so I don’t have to have too much people interaction, just enough to get my fill.

I truly think this will be good for me, mentally at the very least.  Hopefully my body is up to it as well.  I went into work for about an hour tonight, to have the meeting with my boss, and to actually get to see the friends I’ve made while working there (at least most of them, a few of them had tonight off) so I was exposed to all the lighting and such again.  I ended up with a headache, as well as having some arthritic stuff in my fingers, wrists and ankles.  After a couple hours at home, and away from all the lights, I felt much better.  With the job I’ll be doing, I won’t be quite as exposed to all those lights, so hopefully that won’t be an issue.  Or if it still is, hopefully it wont be as bad.

Not sure what else to say so I’ll end it here.