It’s amazing how much a shower can help.  I admit, I don’t take the best care as far as personal hygiene during my shower…. some days I almost think I should ask my husband for a bed bath during it (he’s a cna – certified nurse assistant), but I’m determined to take care of myself as much as I can, so I drag myself to the shower every other day still (when I don’t work, that’s my shower schedule).  I may skip an extra day once in awhile, but I generally try to still do my “routine” as much as I can during my period.  I just got out of my first post-period shower, and I must say, it helped me feel exponentially better.  I actually feel better physically than I have since before thanksgiving right about now.  Of course, I was pmsing over the course of thanksgiving (thankfully in a tired and maybe a bit teary way, not a temper way)… so it makes sense that I didn’t feel too well that day.  I had a rough… well it’s almost a week and a half now since I started my pms, and my nausea, but it’s finally looking up, other than the stupid nausea and a couple lupus issues.  Hot showers are nice… and since I’m rambling I guess I’ll cut off here.

Oh… before I go…. I wanted to add that I’ve been feeling better mentally for a few days now, like I guessed I would be.  I’ll still have ups and downs between now and my next period, as usual, but I don’t generally get as depressed as I was when I’m not pmsing or on my period.  Just thought anyone who read that post would like to know that I am doing a lot better.